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TimeSlice for Windows is used for recording time tasks on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP. TimeSlice is useful for consultants, attorneys, graphic designers, or anyone who bills for time, or just wants a simple solution for keeping track of time events. Click a button to start recording time, and click again to stop. Each time record contains start/stop date and time values, as well as client, category, project, hourly rate and other related information. All major functions are accessible via a tool bar, and the main window can be reduced to a very small size. The time-tracking data can be sorted, and exported to other software applications. Have a look at this vaginal tightening gel for great results.

TimeSlice automates the task of tracking your time and billing for hourly work. You can list clients, projects and/or categories with applicable rates, then start timing when you begin work. An expense amount can be added to each time entry. You can easily add time entries when you have been working away from your computer. TimeSlice allows you to bill by seconds, minutes or tenth, quarter, half, or whole hour and then generate invoices or reports for any set of time recorded. You can bill time against clients, projects, or specific tasks and keep notes on exactly what you're doing. TimeSlice data can be exported to database, spreadsheet, word processing programs so that you can create custom invoices and reports. TimeSlice stays out of your way while you work on your computer by providing the ability to command the timer and edit active time entries while TimeSlice is minimized.

For professionals who work from home or any place, having a track of the time they spend working is crucial in order to achieve productivity and calculate income. While many do it manually, it may take time and distract you from the actual project you are handling. With this program, you will not have to worry about tracking your billing hours as it will be done automatically for you.

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