Please read this page if you experience difficulties with your TimeSlice serial number.

Serial number does not work.

You get a message stating the serial number is already in use

Lost serial numbers

Select where you purchased your serial number: Order1, Kagi, or PayPal.

Macintosh specific

Serial number does not work (continued from above).

Starting with TimeSlice 3.3, we had to modify the TimeSlice algorithm for computing serial numbers.  This was due to Apple deprecating some functions calls for the new Intel chips.  If you serial number works for TimeSlice 3, but not for version 3.3 or above, please contact Modesitt Software for a new serial number.

It's unusual, but the TimeSlice preference file could be corrupted.  Try the steps below if your serial number still doesn't work.

  1. Quit TimeSlice if it's running.
  2. For TimeSlice 2, locate and delete the file "TimeSlice Prefs" which is located in your Preferences folder. 
  3. For TimeSlice 3, locate and delete the "com.modesittsoftware.TimeSlice.plist" located in your Preferences folder.
  4. Copy the serial number from your email.  Do not include extraneous characters such as carriage returns or space characters.
  5. Start TimeSlice, and paste the serial number to the registration window.


Where do I enter the serial number?

In the third text field as shown below for TimeSlice 2 and TimeSlice 3.


How do I remove the serial number I'm now using?

For TimeSlice 2, select "Unregister" from the TimeSlice File menu.

For TimeSlice 3, select Unregister TimeSlice from the TimeSlice menu.