Frequently Asked Questions

TimeSlice - Time Tracking and Billing Application

How do I create a simple invoice or bill in TimeSlice for Windows?

There is a simple report provided in TimeSlice.  The report can print all or just the “marked” time records in a file.  The report can contain totals of the appropriate columns.  You can specify which columns you want to print in the report.  The report Title can also be customized.  This is explained under the “Print” parts and “Reports” parts in the online help and PDF manual

You can export the time information to be included in a spreadsheet or word processor document you have customized for your billing purposes.  The Export function is explained in the online help and PDF manual.

We also provide a sample Access template for our users to customize if they have Access.  The access template called “TimeSlice Reports” provides a nice import function and 8 more reports.  The data from TimeSlice has to be exported and then imported into the access template.

You can export the time information to the QuickBooks program.  Then create invoices and bills from QuickBooks.  The QuickBooks Integration feature is explained in the online help and PDF manual.

How do I get the items sorted in the Project, Category, Client columns on the main window of TimeSlice for Windows?

If you are in the Project, Category, Client dialog box, and click on the “Sort” button, the list is sorted only that one moment in the list in the dialog box.  If you want the list sorted in the drop down list box on the main TimeSlice Window, “Check” the box “Always Sort Items” in the dialog box and then click on the OK button.  The list in the drop down list box on the main TimeSlice window will be sorted.

Can TimeSlice for Windows be used across a LAN?

TimeSlice for Windows saves the data in a flat file.  This file can be saved on any hard disk that is accessible by the TimeSlice program.  Each user of TimeSlice saves their data to their own file.  TimeSlice currently does not save the data to a database file.

How can I have more than one timer running at a time in TimeSlice for Windows?

Each TimeSlice for Windows document can have one timer running at a time.  If you want more than one timer running, open more TimeSlice documents and have a timer running in each document.

I am getting an error entering the Serial Number into TimeSlice for Windows?

If you are getting the error “Incorrect TimeSlice Serial Number” when you enter the information into the Registration Dialog box, make sure you typed the Serial Number in exactly as given to you.  The Serial Number is case sensitive.  Try to copy and paste the Serial Number if possible if you are  having problems.

Is there a web based version of TimeSlice for Windows?

TimeSlice for Windows is not web based.

Can TimeSlice for Windows and TimeSlice for Mac read each others files?

Yes, as of version 2.5, TimeSlice for Windows and Mac can read each others files.

How do I change the date, time or currency setting in TimeSlice for Windows?

TimeSlice for Windows uses the date, time and currency setting from the Control Panel – Regional Settings.  Open the Control Panel – Regional Settings and make changes on how to display the date, time or currency.  Start TimeSlice for Windows again and the settings in TimeSlice will follow the settings in the Control Panel on your computer.

How do I use TimeSlice for Windows with a group of people?

TimeSlice users save their own data to their own TimeSlice for Windows files.  The data can be combined into one TimeSlice file by opening the TimeSlice files in TimeSlice and then do a copy and paste of the time rows from each TimeSlice file into one big TimeSlice file.  You can do reports from this big TimeSlice file.  The TimeSlice data can also be exported to tab delimited files and imported into a spreadsheet or database file… any program that can import tab delimited file.  We provide a sample Access database template with an easy to use import button and 8 reports that you can customize or add to.  The TimeSlice data can also be transmitted directly to the QuickBooks program.

Does  TimeSlice for Windows use a Database?

TimeSlice for Windows does not use a database.  TimeSlice for Windows stores the time data in flat files.  Each person saves their own TimeSlice data in their own data files.

How do I purchase TimeSlice for Windows?

TimeSlice for Windows can be purchased using various methods. Cllick here for more information.

How do I install TimeSlice for Windows?

First download a copy of TimeSlice for Windows from our web page and then follow these instructions. TimeSlice is distributed as both an "EXE" file (self-extracting file) and as a "ZIP" file. Follow the appropriate install instructions below.

EXE - TimeSlice downloaded file
1). execute the downloaded file on your hard drive by double-clicking the downloaded file
2). a dialog box will be displayed, accept the given directory or specify a directory to extract the temporary install files into. Then click on the "Finish" button to extract the files to the directory.
3). the install program (setup.exe) will automatically start, follow the install instructions.
4). start TimeSlice for Windows from the "Start" menu button.

ZIP - TimeSlice downloaded file
1). Create a new directory.
2). Place the downloaded TimeSlice zip file in the new directory.
3). unzip the file into the directory it is in using an unzip program like WinZip or PKZip. (If you do not have an unzip program, download the PKZIP utility from the web page: or download WinZIP from )
4). Install TimeSlice by executing the Setup.exe file, which is one of the extracted files in step 3. Follow the installation instructions.
5). TimeSlice Start Icons have been added to the Start button. Click on the TimeSlice Icon under Start - Programs button to start any of the TimeSlice programs or files.

I just downloaded and installed TimeSlice for Windows. The program crashes when I start it up. What is wrong?

Sometimes a file is corrupted when downloaded from the Internet. Uninstall the current TimeSlice that crashes. Delete the downloaded TimeSlice file that crashed. Then download and install a new copy of TimeSlice.

What has happened to TimeSlice Lite for Windows?

Modesitt Software no longer sells TimeSlice Lite for Windows. Registered users of TimeSlice Lite for Windows can upgrade to TimeSlice for Windows for $15 per copy.

I am a registered user of TimeSlice Lite for Windows or TimeTracker for Windows or a previous version of TimeSlice for Windows. How can I upgrade?

TimeSlice for Windows Upgrade can be purchased by sending email using our Web sales.  Click here for more information.

Is there a Macintosh version of TimeSlice?

See the Modesitt Software main web page for more information about TimeSlice for Mac.

I lost my Serial Number for TimeSlice for Windows. How can I get another copy?

Click here for serial number issues. Always print a copy of your Serial Number and keep it in a folder with your other software licenses.

I receive the following error message in TimeSlice Reports - "Can't find installable ISAM", what should I do?

Your system is missing a Text import filter file or the registry is not pointing to the file.  The file used is C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSTEXT35.DLL on win95 and c:\WinNT\System32\mstext35.dll on WinNT.

The Office 97 CD will be used or whatever you used to install Access 97 on your computer.

To solve the problem, install mstext35.dll from the ValuPack - Data Access Pack or the Data Access - Database Drivers - Text and HTML Driver. Check to see if you have this file on your computer.  If you do, RENAME the file and do an uninstall and then install to get a new copy of the file and get the Registry set up correctly.  Description is below.

On the Office 97 install, the area to install the file is:
Data Access
    Database Drivers
        Text and HTML Driver
Rename the mstext35.dll file if it is on your computer and then do the above specified uninstall and then install.  If the file is not added, then try getting the file out of the ValuPack area on the Office 97 CD.


Look under the ValuPack and double click the Dataacc\dataacc.exe install and select the following area:
Data Access Pack
    Data Access Drivers
        Microsoft Text and HTML Driver
Again rename the mstext35.dll file if it is already on your computer, do an uninstall and then install and the file should be installed.

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